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Remax Exclusive Buyer/Brokerage Agreements

If you are my Buyer client, you will never be obligated to pay our commission or any other fees. You will get my undivided attention, excellent communication, honesty, and my 17 years of experience.  And we can work together in a way that the Seller will compensate me/ReMax, not the Buyer.  We only have one requirement, which is the same as you will encounter with any good Realtor who is in demand. And that is this: I only work with my clients on a one on one basis, I don’t work with clients using multiple agents, and I expect to make all offers on your behalf so that I can be compensated by the seller, not you. That is how you get personal service, at no cost.

To ensure you get the best service, and the representation and expertise of Remax behind your purchase, I ask for the same one on one commitment you can expect of me. You will find no complaints about my service in my 17-year career, and I have 17 years of happy, satisfied clients who worked with me in this same manner. I will help educate you on the buying process in our area, review property details, the property history, local codes, taxes, flood zones, the age of the roof and air conditioning, any warrantees, and I will be on call to show homes and provide data, and act in your best interest with full Re/Max representation.


Will I pay any commissions or fees? -No. When I make your offer, the seller will be aware you have a Realtor representing to you, and the seller will pay my Brokerage 50% of the commission they agreed on. Otherwise their agent keeps the entire commission, and you are taking on a professional with no one on your side.

Can I cancel any time? -Yes. I want a happy relationship as much as you do, and if I felt I was disappointing you, I’d probably fire myself.

If I don’t buy a home, do I owe anything? -No. The agreement isn’t to hurt you, cost you money, or obligate you unnecessarily. By now you may notice a theme. Because we are commission only, we just want to make sure that if you trusted us enough to help you find the perfect home, put in long hours researching, providing data, and negotiating for you, we want to be the one to make the offer and protect you so the seller compensates us, NOT YOU.

If you need more clarification, here is the National Association of REALTOR® explanation:

(With a couple notes from me)

A Buyer Representation Agreement (BRE), formerly called a "Buyer-Broker Agreement," is an employment contract that spells out the duties and responsibilities of the REALTOR® to the prospective buyer, and vice versa. It describes the kind of properties that buyer is interested in viewing and obligates the REALTOR® to be vigilant in showing or making these homes known to the buyer. The form specifies that the REALTOR® who spends time to show the homes will be responsible to write up the offer when the buyer is ready to make an offer.

Signing the Buyer Representation Agreement does not mean that the buyer has to buy from the homes shown if their criteria or goals have changed. But it does indicate a commitment to the Realtor that the buyer is not frivolously asking to be shown around town. The Buyer can always change their search criteria by informing the real estate agent. High-performing Realtors are top producers because they know how to manage their limited time and prioritize their customers. By signing a Buyer Representation Agreement, the buyer can be assured that the high-performing Realtor will devote priority time to help them find a home in the shortest possible time. Buyers who do not have a Buyer Representation Agreement with the top-producing Realtor could fall to the wayside, as those Realtors must focus their energy on clients who are committed to them professionally in the same way they expect the same commitment from the Realtor.

A REALTOR® may or may not charge a fee at the end of a specified time period for searching and showing homes. Some REALTORS® charge a fee to recover their gasoline costs and time in the event the buyer ends up not buying any property after being shown an extremely huge number of homes. (I do not charge any up front fees) contract may state that the fee is waived if the buyer buys a home. The amount of fees charged, if any, may vary with the price of homes and difficulty of locating a home specified by the buyer. That fee has to be specified in the contract and the buyer should be given a copy of the signed agreement. Usually, that fee will actually be paid by the listing agent, so that the buyer may only be paying a small amount or none at all. (Here in Florida, your Realtor will likely be compensated by the Seller, not the Buyer.) This will give you peace of mind in committing to an exclusive relationship with your Realtor.

Be aware that from the Realtor's perspective, they are also actively making a choice as to which buyers they want to work with and with whom they would be willing to sign a Buyer Representation Agreement. Smart and busy home buyers who value their time would almost always want a Buyer Representation Agreement because that is the only way they can make a top-producing REALTOR® devote priority time to do home searches, preview homes, prepare contracts and negotiate the best deal for them.